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Common aging conditions need careful consideration and attention for adults interested in fitness over 50.  There is no cure for aging, and these conditions are often irreversible and cannot be ignored.  They include:

  • Arthritis, an autoimmune disease affecting bones and joints that can affect the entire body causing morning stiffness, lethargy, and sore joints; 
  • Osteoarthritis, a degenerative condition involving changes due to wear and tear on the cartilage and synovial membranes in joints and causes pain and loss of flexibility;
  • Tendonitis, inflammation of a tendon, and the more serious tendonosis, damage to a tendon at a cellular level usually due to degenerative changes or overuse, causes pain, limited flexibility, and a decrease in tensile strength;
  • Sarcopenia, the loss of muscle tissue as a natural part of the aging process;  
  • Hypertension, or elevated blood pressure, and the presence of diabetes in men and women of any age. 

These and other conditions should be carefully considered and included in workouts for mature adults by a competent and experienced personal trainer as they often cause

  • Loss of flexibility and range of motion;
  • Loss of strength;
  • Loss of endurance;
  • Loss of balance and stability;
  • Issues related to high blood pressure, low insulin and susceptibility to bruises due to diabetes. 

Our certified personal trainer offers personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide specifically for those over 50.

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Personal Training for Seniors and Personal Training for Over 50

Keys to Success for Fitness Over 50

Iron Lion Fitness Specializes in Fitness over 50 and Workouts for Seniors

Workout routines cannot be the same for those of us in our 50s as when we were in our 20s.  Our bodies go through a number of changes as we age, and likewise, our workouts must change with us.  Injury avoidance at any age is crucial.  There is nothing that will set you back more than recovering from an injury, particularly to tendons and vulnerable muscle groups like the shoulder carriage.  Iron Lion Fitness' personal trainer in Orlando and online personal trainer worldwide is over 50 and has experienced this first-hand.

Personal Training for fitness over 50 must incorporate various factors into workouts for men over 50 and workouts for women over 50.  Exercise form must be adjusted to match the capabilities (or restrictions) of our aging bodies.  Range of Motion for every body is individual to that body’s anatomy, skeletal structure, and capabilities, and should never be treated as one-rule-applies-to-all.  Many personal trainers believe that if a person is not squatting to parallel or below parallel, then he or she is not squatting properly.  This is extraordinarily misguided and can be dangerous advice to some clients.  

Iron Lion Fitness offers personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide with personalized and targeted workout routines for those over 50 interested in staying or getting in shape.

Our online personal trainer and personal trainer in Orlando specializes in designing workouts for seniors and over 50 through personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide

Workouts must be carefully designed by a certified personal trainer and important considerations incorporated into workouts for seniors and mature adults to avoid injury, exacerbation of symptoms or conditions, and serious life-threatening emergencies.   Oftentimes, workouts for over 50 need to include adjustments to range of motion.  For example, the depth of squats and bench presses in workouts over 50, mature bodybuilder workouts, or workouts for seniors should always be adjusted based on the individual’s range of motion.  Overstretching or overstressing tendons already affected by tendonosis will cause further damage and tears.  Younger personal trainers who have no first-hand experience with the aging process themselves may not fully understand or appreciate the limited capabilities and unique challenges of mature adults.  

Misunderstanding range of motion is at the core of most injuries for weightlifters of all ages.  A personal trainer who lacks the knowledge of anatomy or an understanding of his or her client’s individual musculoskeletal structure, as well as the absence of first-hand experience in dealing with issues due to degenerative changes and aging in their own body, is not in the best position to train seniors or mature adults in fitness over 50.

If you are interested in fitness over 50, or workouts for seniors, Iron Lion Fitness has the personal trainer in Orlando with first-hand knowledge and experience with exercising and the aging process. Iron Lion Fitness offers personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide.  
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