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Candidates for personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide often have at least some idea of what they want to accomplish.  Some people have no interest in becoming muscular or lean and thin.  Many just want to improve their overall level of general wellbeing and fitness.   Most candidates report they want more energy, improvements to their appearance, and to feel better overall. These candidates are perfectly suited for a general fitness program.

General fitness is usually defined as having the strength, energy, flexibility, and mobility to perform most everyday tasks plus a reasonable amount of exertion work as needed, such as lifting and carrying boxes, groceries, bags, household items, going up and down stairs, walking longer distances when necessary, and having the stamina to finish everyday tasks and manage stress.  

Iron Lion Fitness’ personal trainer in Orlando and online personal trainer worldwide will custom-design a general overall fitness program for you – one that works for YOU and includes all the necessary components to achieve your goals. 

Iron Lion Fitness offers personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide and specializes in general fitness training in Orlando and through worldwide online personal training.

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The process begins with the completion, by our personal trainer, of an overall assessment of your current physical abilities, any limitations or restrictions, and your desired results.  From there, we can design a program of customized personal training in Orlando or online personal training that will ensure you meet your goals and stay focused and on track. 

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A comprehensive general fitness program will include:

Strength Training  - improves muscular fitness and facilitates fat loss and muscle strength, enabling you to lift from the floor, lift overhead, and carry items from place to place.   A strong back, core, and legs make for an excellent foundation for strength.

Aerobic Activity - improves the strength of your heart, increases your lung capacity, and improves blood circulation resulting in increased stamina and decreased chances for diseases such as heart disease, pulmonary diseases, COPD, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, and more.

Balance, flexibility, and mobility – All of these tend to deteriorate with age.  Training improves posture, range of motion, lessens pain in aging joints and stressed tendons, loosens stiff muscles and tendons especially to avoid injury, and increases mobility to perform the activities of daily life and beyond.

Nutrition – diet needs to support recommended daily intake of necessary nutrients for healthy bones, organs and tissues, development of muscles, and elimination of excess fat storage. 

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Iron Lion Fitness specializes in designing customized general fitness workouts which can be performed with our personal trainer in Orlando or independently worldwide through online personal training. 

Bob is a Certified Personal Trainer with over two decades of experience in general fitness, particularly resistance and weight training.  Bob is over 50 and has many decades of personal experience and wisdom from which you can benefit. 

Your initial assessment forms and new client questionnaires along with your free personal consultation are evaluated and a personal training program is developed which will be unique to your starting point, needs, goals, restrictions and limitations. 

Our nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Bob, is available for general fitness personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide. 

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