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It is important for the hardgainer to consume enough calories so they do not end up in a calorie deficit, burning more calories than they take in.  Nutrition becomes the key to unlocking progress and making gains in size. Recommended caloric-intake averages for hardgainers (or anyone else) as a one-size-fits-all remedy, and is NOT an optimum solution.  Success in fitness, conditioning, strength training, and bodybuilding hinges on finding what works best for your individual body in terms of nutrition, training, and lifestyle.  Our certified personal trainer in Orlando and online personal trainer worldwide specializes in hardgainer workout routines that can make a world of difference in your progress. 

Hardgainers have to be careful not to overtrain or undertrain, and to consume the optimal amount of calories and macronutrients in order for their bodies to respond and make progress. 

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Keys to Success for Hardgainers

Personal Training for Hardgainers

Bob, Our personal trainer in Orlando specializes in designing workouts for hardgainers through personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide

You can waste years experimenting with routines found on the internet, following well-intended but misguided advice, wasting money on supplements, being stuck on plateaus, getting frustrated with no results, doing the same thing over and over hoping things will change, and running out of ideas.   Or, you can hire a personal trainer.   But if you are a hardgainer, don’t hire a personal trainer based on his or her appearance alone!  He or she may be genetically gifted and not have personal knowledge of the challenges facing a hardgainer. 

Iron Lion Fitness has a personal trainer in Orlando and online personal trainer worldwide who was a hardgainer through his teens and early 20s and has first-hand knowledge of what it takes for a hardgainer to break out of the confines of that term and begin making progress. Iron Lion Fitness offers personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide.  Contact us today for your free consultation.

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Iron Lion Fitness Specializes in Hardgainers

A hardgainer is considered to be a person who regularly works out at bodybuilding with weights but has a hard time gaining muscle mass and/or shows no significant gains in muscle size over time, no matter how much effort they exert.  Iron Lion Fitness' personal trainer specializes in developing customized workouts for hardgainers and nutrition and exercise programs for hardgainers offering personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide.

The hardgainer is typically skinny or lightly muscled with narrow shoulders and a flat chest, and falls under the ectomorph body type.  In contrast, the mesomorph is characterized by a naturally rugged, triangular athletic build with naturally developed muscles; and the endomorph, characterized by a naturally rounded shape, with small muscles and excessive fat storage.  There are exceptions and cross-overs.  Iron Lion Fitness' personal trainer in Orlando and online personal trainer worldwide was a hardgainer in the beginning and knows first hand what it takes for a hardgainer to develop  muscle mass.   

Metabolism plays a part in the three body types mentioned above.  Hardgainers or ectomorphs are characterized by faster metabolisms, meaning their bodies burn fuel at a faster rate; therefore, they require more calories on a daily basis.  Mesomorphs and endomorphs have slower metabolisms and can have increased fat storage.