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Personal Training for Building Muscle Mass

Personal training to build muscle mass starts and ends with a proper exercise workout routine and balanced nutrition to support the repair and growth of muscle tissue while minimizing fat storage. 

Each person’s results will be different.  Don’t focus on trying to look like someone else, competing with someone else, or copying what someone else does.  For example, if you have flat biceps, trying to “workout for a bicep peak” is a waste of time.  You cannot change the shape of your muscles; you can only change their size; therefore, you need to focus on what works for YOU.  A qualified personal trainer can quickly help you identify the types of exercises and workout routines that you should perform based on your individual body type and fitness capabilities. 

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Our personal trainer in Orlando specializes in designing workouts for building muscle mass through customized personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide.

If you are skinny or overweight, or someone who doesn’t build muscle just driving past a gym, pick your personal trainer carefully.  Select someone who, preferably, isn’t a mesomorph (someone who is naturally muscular).  Look for someone who started out in a similar situation as your own.  If you are over 50, or even if you are in your 20s, select a mature trainer with decades of experience. 

Don’t be a young personal trainer’s experiment.  Iron Lion Fitness' certified personal trainer has 20+ years of experience and has gone through many years of training and experience and finely honed his skills, talents, and training abilities to benefit YOU!  That’s a personal trainer you will benefit from, not one that will benefit from you!  

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Keys to Success for Building Muscle Mass

Iron Lion Fitness Specializes in Building Muscle Mass for Men and Women

There are two key components to building mass:  resistance training and proper nutrition.   Weight lifting, body weight exercises, and yoga can produce gains in muscle mass, particularly when performed with incremental intensity on a regular basis, usually at least three times a week.   A diet that supports the proper mix of macronutrients to facilitate muscle growth is imperative.  Without proper nutritional support, efforts in the gym will be hampered.  A personal trainer can get you started on the right path immediately.

Iron Lion Fitness offers personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide and specializes in custom designed programs for building muscle mass that WORK!

To increase muscle mass, you will need to increase your strength.  Incrementally adding weight to the bar each time you work out, or increasing repetitions, will increase the size of your muscles.  A good starter workout should include, at minimum, compound exercises using free weights and machines.  Depending on your level of experience and development, you may include isolation work, supersets, drop sets, jump sets, giant sets, forced reps, partials, pre-exhaust exercises, burns, and negatives.

Our Certified Personal Trainer in Orlando offers personal training in Central Florida and online personal training worldwide.  We will develop customized personal training workouts so you will reach your goals.

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