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Iron Lion Fitness specializes in designing customized strength and conditioning workouts which can be performed with our personal trainer in Orlando or independently worldwide through online personal training. 

Bob is a Certified Personal Trainer with over two decades of experience in strength and conditioning.  Bob has many decades of personal experience and wisdom from which you can benefit. 

Your initial assessment forms and new client questionnaires along with your free personal consultation are evaluated and a strength and conditioning personal training program is developed which will be unique to your starting point, needs, goals, restrictions and limitations. 

Our nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Bob, is available for strength and conditioning personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide. 

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Keys to Success in Strength and Conditioning

Personal Training for Strength and Conditioning

Iron Lion Fitness Specializes in Strength and Conditioning 

Iron Lion Fitness offers personal training in Orlando and personal training worldwide for non-athletes interested in personal training for strength and conditioning to meet the challenges of everyday life and to maintain a level of physical fitness and strength.

A comprehensive program for strength and conditioning includes resistance training for strengthening the musculoskeletal system and aerobic training for conditioning the cardiovascular system. 

For athletes, it is preparedness training specific to a sport and designed for injury prevention, and is begun after a strong foundation in general fitness, resistance and aerobic training has been built.

For non-athletes, Iron Lion Fitness specializes in personal training for strength and conditioning for men and women of all ages who desire to improve their overall level of fitness, strength, and endurance without building an overly bulky or bulging muscular appearance.   Perfect for young adults to seniors who prefer a lean and conditioned appearance, or for those who enjoy activities such as boxing, martial arts, yoga, Pilates, and running or professions such as dancers. 

Iron Lion Fitness offers personal training in Orlando and online personal training worldwide and specializes in strength and conditioning in Orlando and through worldwide online personal training.

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Strength training and aerobic conditioning must be balanced, and a personal training workout program for strength and conditioning must be complementary of the two priorities.  An experienced certified personal trainer who specializes in strength and conditioning can design a personal training program that balances the unique requirements of the two. 

Strength training, using resistance training and weightlifting, requires resources for the body to repair and rebuild muscle.  Aerobic training engages many of the body’s resources to develop the cardiovascular system.  Combining the two can result in overtraining or counterproductive training, which will lead to minimal-to-no results. 

Strength training or weight lifting is an anaerobic activity.  Conditioning is an aerobic activity.  Personal trainers must be fully knowledgeable in order to successfully design custom workouts to balance and complement the competing requirements for both types of training. 

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