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About Trainer Bob

Working out, specifically weight training, is my passion, and I have been engaged in personal training in Orlando for over 20 years.  Many of us are not genetically gifted, and I am no exception.  I have transformed my body, and with my help, you can too!

I particularly enjoy being a mentor to people just getting started.  If I had someone around like me when I was first getting started and into my first few years, I would have made considerably better gains in strength and size.  I also enjoy working with mid-lifers, like myself, and individuals of all ages looking to transform their bodies.  I work well with men and women of all backgrounds, ages, sizes, colors, sexual orientation, gender identity, and varying degrees of wellness and experience.

​Let me show you how you CAN achieve success.

A day spent procrastinating, making excuses, and delays in getting started is a day lost at living up to your full potential.

A day putting off getting started is one less day in your life that you will look and feel your best.

You can never recoup time.

Certified Personal Trainer in Orlando and Online Personal Training Worldwide