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Keys to Fitness Success

  • Make a commitment to improve your health and appearance.  It all starts here.
  • Make time for yourself.  You give away your time all day long to everyone else. Stop being a martyr.  If you don't give yourself the same courtesy, you will never make positive changes in your life.  "I don't have time to workout" is an excuse.
  • Learn to be self motivated. If you must rely on someone else to get you going, your success will likely be short lived.
  • Don't waste time!  It's the one thing you can't recapture. 
  • ​Establish realistic goals.  Keep them straightforward and specific.
  • ​Partner with an experienced certified personal trainer who has first-hand experience with your unique situation.
  • ​Stay determined and focused.
  • Be consistent and flexible and ready for change.
  • Stick with it no matter what!

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​​​Many people pick a personal trainer by appearances only.  Remember this: each personal trainer has started out with his or her own body as a baseline and then figured out how to successfully maximize THEIR potential. That may be radically different from YOUR baseline, goals, and potential.  

For example, a genetically gifted bodybuilder personal trainer will not have personally struggled to overcome the frustrations and setbacks of losing weight and keeping it off, or spending great efforts in the gym but only making small improvements and hard gains.

Your goal should be to find a certified personal trainer with decades of experience in fitness and someone who started out in a similar situation to your own (overweight or hardgainer, etc). 

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Importance of a Personal Trainer